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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding deals requires a lot of time and effort to discover great investments.
On average we look at 20+ houses which we filter down to just a few properties that match our investment criteria.

Our usual fee is between £1500 and 4000, this is dependent on the deal and the ROI

We source properties that tend to be in good condition, have good rental supply and demand and in an ideal location.
We also set our calculation figures to 3.5% for an interest-only mortgage, 25% for deposit and a rough estimate for legal fees and stamp duty.

Our mailing list goes out every Thursday at 11am. You can join our mailing list for free with no commitment by clicking the button at the top of the page. 

No, we will not release the property address, estate agent details, pictures etc until a fee has been paid. This is company policy to protect our invested time in sourcing the property. If you pay the fee and the property is not as we have described then you will be entitled to a refund.

We offer our bespoke sourcing services if you have an area in mind.
If using the deal sourcing mailing list it is important to remember we invest using numbers and formulas and leave our feeling’s out of it.

We complete our due diligence on all of the properties, we only pass a property that we would personally buy. An investment’s come with risks, and it’s important to understand that rental income is not guaranteed and we are not liable whatsoever on future earnings and values. As with any investment there are risks you must assess before committing. We will provide you with as much information as we can prior to your decision.

We have an extensive viewing inspection form we use when we view a property. Our team have had considerable training in viewing properties. We will always carry out a full inspection however there will be occasions when we simply cannot access certain area on the property such as under the floorboards, lofts etc. If an issue arises at the point of a survey which will require expensive repairs then we will liaise with the investor to assess the cost’s, work involved and the return on investment after the costs of repair. If the investor does not wish to proceed we will then work with them to find a suitable replacement. Please bear in mind survey report’s can be a little daunting to the untrained eye, we always recommend having a quote for the repairs before withdrawing from the property.

No. Please speak with a broker prior to reserving any properties to establish if you are mortgage worthy and to what level you may borrow.

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If you have any other questions please get in contact with us hello@propertyjourney.co.uk